Open the Door and Let ‘Em In (Securely!): Prologis Extends PeopleSoft Workflow to External Participants

If you’re like other organizations, you may have business processes that involve participants that don’t typically have PeopleSoft access. For Prologis, a multi-billion dollar real estate company, that meant enabling suppliers to manage their PeopleSoft-based account data better.

Prologis will join Gideon Taylor to discuss how they’re empowering their suppliers with custom workflow-enabled self-service to update their account information in PeopleSoft.

We’ll demonstrate an approach with the following components:
– Token-based authentication of external participants
– Self-provisioned external accounts and electronic signatures
– Public-facing PeopleSoft portal that isolates and protects secure content
– PeopleSoft-based eForms that route workflow to and gather signatures from internal and external participants
– Row-level view security for external participants

We’ll even give you a chance to try it yourself from your own device! Whether it’s vendor self-service, new employees completing pre-hire onboarding forms, or parents approving financial aid documents, secure access for users OUTSIDE your organization can dramatically extend your PeopleSoft applications.

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February 18, 2021

4:30 PM CST

Presented by

Paul Taylor

President and CEO; Gideon Taylor

Patrick Gahagan

Director, Global Accounting Program Manager of Financial Systems; Prologis

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