PeopleSoft Innovation Keynote: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Roundtable

Presented by Oracle, Appsian Security, Astute Business Solutions, and Version1

If your PeopleSoft innovation strategies include hosting on-premise while your peers have moved to the cloud – then you may want to reconsider your strategies. After all, with those identifying the enhanced performance, application insights, and savings that the cloud offers, the question may quickly become, “what’s the best way to get your applications there?”

Join a featured panel as they discuss the inherent benefits of hosting PeopleSoft in the cloud, along with best practices for a successful “lift and shift,” including enhancing your control and visibility over data access and usage.

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February 17, 2021

9:30 AM CST

Presented by

Craig Mikus

Sr. Director, Enterprise Cloud Architecture, Enterprise Accounts; Oracle

Vishram Patwardhan

Strategy & Business Development, Iaas & Paas; Oracle

Greg Wendt

Executive Director; Appsian

Arvind Rajan

Co-Founder and CEO; Astute Business Solutions

Graham Smith

Head of PeopleSoft Technology; Version1

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