PeopleSoft Data At Risk! Security, Privacy, Compliance & Everything In Between

With many organizations rapidly expanding access to PeopleSoft, it’s becoming clear that managing risks to PeopleSoft data is the responsibility of stakeholders across IT, security, compliance, audit, and more. Enabling identity and device trust, protecting sensitive data from over-exposure, having a clear line of sight into possible threats – all are mission-critical. But how do you adequately protect data in a complex (expanded access) environment when adding restrictions can easily lead to user friction and dissatisfaction? How do you know what risks to look for?

Join us for this eye-opening session where we break down the various risks to PeopleSoft data – both outside and inside your firewall. Learn how the PeopleSoft community is providing maximum access while enabling maximum data protection.

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February 17, 2021

12:30 PM CST

Presented by

Greg Wendt

Executive Director Security Solutions; Appsian

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