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Connect and Innovate with the PeopleSoft Community

The PeopleSoft Innovation Summit is a free virtual event that features PeopleSoft experts from technology providers, service providers, PeopleSoft customers, and more.

The most recent #PSFTSummit was held on February 17-18, 2021. You’ll find the recordings for each session below, and we encourage you to share them with your colleagues.

Wednesday, February 17th

9:30 AM

PeopleSoft Innovation Keynote: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Roundtable

Presented by Oracle, Astute Business Solutions, Appsian Security, and Version 1

Join the experts from Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure team and other security leaders for a round table discussion on the shift to hosting PeopleSoft in the cloud.

11:15 AM

Disaster Recovery for Mission-Critical PeopleSoft is a Must Have, Not a Nice to Have!

Presented by Arvind Rajan, Co-Founder and CEO, Astute Business Solutions

Learn how a fully managed PeopleSoft disaster recovery plan can reduce disruption to your business from a natural disaster or cybersecurity attack.

12:30 PM

PeopleSoft Data At-Risk! Security, Privacy, Compliance & Everything In-Between

Presented by Greg Wendt, Executive Director, Appsian Security

Struggling to protect your PeopleSoft data while allowing users’ the access they need? Learn how you can have it both ways.

1:45 PM

Configure, Don’t Customize!

Presented by Jim Marion, Master Trainer, JSMpros

In this session, attendees will learn configuration alternatives to customizations, such as Page and Field Configurator, Event Mapping, and Drop Zones.

3:00 Pm

Modernizing PeopleSoft IAM

Presented by Gregg Browinski, Principal Software Developer, Bio-Key

Sometimes the obvious options aren’t always the best ones. Learn about flexible multi-factor authentication, biometric, and single sign-on options you need to avoid unwanted costs and user frustration.

4:15 PM

Top 10 Configuration Security Risks in a PeopleSoft Environment

Presented by Stephen Kost, Chief Techology Officer, Integrigy

PeopleSoft is a complex application with multiple tiers and technologies, which makes appropriately securing the environment challenging. That is, until now.

5:30 Pm

Achieving PeopleSoft Accessibility: Going BEYOND Overlays & Widgets

Presented by Scott Hirni, Director User Experience (UX) Strategy and Solutions, PeopleUX

A recent lawsuit has made it clear; accessibility overlay solutions fail to protect website and business owners from litigation. More importantly, they fail to serve people with disabilities. Find out how you can make yourself ADA WCAG compliant in PeopleSoft.

Thursday, February 18th

9:00 AM

The Power Behind the PeopleSoft Push Notification Framework

Presented by Robert Swailes, PeopleSoft Lead Technical Consultant, Version 1

The Push Notification Framework allows real-time messages to be sent to a client browser. This session explains how messages are sent using the PSEvent object and explores some innovative use cases.

10:15 AM

Change the Communication Paradigm

Presented by Ernst La Haye, Consultant PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, CY2

Want to reach users regardless of where they are? Learn how to enhance PeopleSoft notification technologies to communicate using new methods that connect to tomorrow’s world.

11:30 AM

Driving Business Transformation Through a “Move and Improve” to the Cloud

Presented by Craig Mikus, Sr. Director of Enterprise Cloud Architecture, Oracle

Looking to move to the cloud, but don’t want the cost and disruption that comes with a SaaS migration? You’re in luck.

12:45 PM

Building Better Fluid Solutions Faster: Fluid Tips and Tricks

Presented by Jim Marion, Master Trainer, JSMpros

Learn tips and tricks to be more productive with Fluid development.

2:00 PM

What’s in Your Wallet?

Presented by Justin Moeller, Managing Partner, MoTown Group

Are you using the right tools for managing PeopleSoft? Learn what should be in your wallet to maximize your PeopleSoft investment.

3:15 PM

Real Use Cases of Emerging Technology in PeopleSoft

Presented by Cameron McClurg, Managing Director, SpearMC

Get the latest updates on PeopleSoft’s various emerging technologies, including analytics, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Platform Integration, and chatbots.

4:30 PM

Open the Door and Let ‘Em In (Securely!): Prologis Extends PeopleSoft Workflow to External Participants

Presented by Paul Taylor, President and CEO, Gideon Taylor

Do you have business processes that involve participants who don’t have PeopleSoft access? In this case study, learn how Prologis securely extended their PeopleSoft workflow to external participants.

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